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After updates to grub2 and kernel in CentOS 7, today, systems will no longer boot in Secure Boot mode. I’m not positive, but I think grub2 is the culprit.

Is anyone else seeing the same problem?

Secure Boot.

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I’ve been reading up some about the new “secure boot” that’s coming out on new machines when MS releases Win 8. Has a workaround been developed yet for those of us who don’t want to run windows? Typically, I mostly build my own desktops, and I install cent os right from the start, but sometimes I do buy a desktop, and naturally it comes with windows on it, so I have to do a wipe and load, to get rid of windows.


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  • On X86 you will be able to disable the secure boot so you can then install what you want – not such a big deal….

    It’s ARM (which is not currently supported of course) which is the questionable one…

  • From: Jimmy Bradley

    First, the manufacturer can/should decide to let the user enable/disable secure boot in the bios…

    As for linux, from memory, different distributions chose different paths… I think RedHat will apparently buy a key from verisign and Canonical has decided to use their own key. I think they need to use non GPL boot loaders (to protect the key I guess), so no grub2…


  • Actually at least for X86 hardware the Microsoft certification guidelines
    *mandate* that the secure boot can be disabled.


  • So I gather that MS plans to abandon the X86 platform and move over to supporting ARM. They think, “Let Linux have the X86. It will die after we abandon it leaving them with nothing to run on.” The evil empire lives.

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