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Hi, folks,

rkhunter is reporting a broken link on one of our servers. This is quite reasonable, since it’s on a drive whose controller card I have declared dead the other day. I’ve been googling, searching in the manpage, and I’ve done an rkhunter –propupd, but it still finds the broken link. Anyone know how to remove the link from the rkhunter d/b?


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  • Take a look at the EXCLUDE_USER_FILEPROP_FILES_DIRS option in the config file. Set it to the link pathname, then run propupd again.


  • John Horne wrote:

    No joy. Tried it, still found a broken link. *If* I read the information in the configuration file correctly, then it *appears* to me that the directory, etc, needs to exist to be excluded.

    Still fighting it. I’m assuming that the rkhunter d/b is loaded, and never has deletions or alterations….