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I was sending my manager a copy of a form, and attached it (not inline), using -t-bird, and he complains it didn’t want to open. Looking at the message source, t-bird had decided that the mime type was all/allfiles, though the name ended in .pdf. I’ve searched via the config editor, and I’ve been googling, and not finding anything. (I just *adore* the current google: I have +”all/allfiles” in the search terms, and in the para it displays on a hit I see “all somethingorother”, with the word “all”

Anyone got ideas? I’ve looked in
.thunderbird/.default/mime_types.rdf, and everything looks good in there.


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  • Did you check the mime type of the file? just because it says PDF does not make that true. You can use file to check it.


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  • Tris Hoar wrote:
    para it file docs/*.pdf, and all come back saying that they’re PDF document, version 1.4

    I believe this is a t-bird issue (another one, since they broke it six months or so ago).


  • I’m sure you are right. To the best of my knowledge neither of browsers, and neither of mail applications on Linux or Unix is using file utility to determine file type. (not to mention other OSes that don’t even have file utility…)


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