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I just received a Supermicro server back from factory repair. Installed CentOS 6.3 x86_64 fresh from DVD (tried with 6.4, same result). Everything goes fine until i install Virtualization* yum groups. Virtualization is enabled in BIOS. Server boots, CentOS loads and i have even a login prompt. If i’m fast enough to enter login name and password, shell works for about 10 sec. Then, it seems to hang.
Pressing CTRL-C seems to work as i see it on screen (CTRL-C text).

I’m used to Xen in CentOS 5 where we can choose a non-Xen kernel at boot time. With CentOS 6 and KVM, i’m kinda lost! I Googled a lot and didn’t find anything to disable KVM / select a a non-KVM kernel a boot up time. The server has been repaired but i’m not sure if there is still other problems that prevent KVM to work. I know that they installed the last BIOS version. I have other identical servers that works well with KVM. I tried to disable all i saw for virtualization support in BIOS, result is the same. I did memtest86 tests without problem.

Here are the specs:

Supermicro 6026T-3RF (mainboard X8DT3-S)
BIOS 03/17/12 15:50:21 Ver 2.1
Xeon E5520
Kingston 12 Gig RAM (Triple Channel)
LSI 9240-8i

What should i do to debug this? Any pointers, URL, etc would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all.

Guy Boisvert, ing. IngTegration inc.

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  • Hi, there,

    Guy Boisvert wrote:

    The “choose a kernel” is the grub menu, and unless you’ve disabled it, you can still do it. Try hitting any key as soon as you see the “about to boot
    … in x sec”

    I’d boot to single usermode (s at the end of the kernel line), and check the logs.

    And I really, *REALLY* don’t like Supermicro. We’ve got a large bunch of servers from Penguin, who’s all Supermicro, and we’ve sent a ton back for repair, as well as doing things here, *and* several of those sent back were sent back more than once.



  • Can you rule out a conflict with the LSI card? ie removing it completely.

    CentOS 6.4 without installing the virtualisation tool works?

    Bios version at latest available version?



  • Guy Boisvert wrote:

    Eh. Don’t care for HP Proliant. Too complicated, and mirrored memory?

    They always had command line – the old version was a modified version of RHEL 3.

    Have you looked at large RAID boxes? We have several JetStores from AC&NC
    – expensive, but maybe less than the big names. The recent one has 42 2TB


  • With KVM you do not have a second kernel but modules installed and my check running:

    lsmod | grep kvm

    If you get nothing back you do not have KVM installed, otherwise you should have something like:

    kvm_intel 132873 0
    kvm 438094 1 kvm_intel

    If you have an AMD processor the module will be named differently.


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