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We have a DHCP/PXE server in a build environment, which is separate from our Spacewalk v1.5 server. We direct builds to Satellite or Spacewalk based as needed. It contains initrd & vmlinuz files for each version/arch we currently deploy for both RHEL & CEL.

I’d like to keep the storage footprint to a minimum, if possible. Keeping a big directory of ISOs to loop-mount for kickstart profile distributions seems excessive, especially when DVD#1 exceeds 4GB now. Is there any way around this requirement for kickstarting?

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  • indeed, thats what I do, and point at an nfs or http repository of the packages. the kickstart file contains all the configuration info for a particular setup.

  • Trying to use “minimal” ISOs

    The 64-bit CEL 7.0 and 6.6 look ok so far. but when I try to set up the CEL
    6.6 i386, but I get the following

    – The initrd could not be found at the specified location:

    It does have the initrd.img file in …/isolinux, but for some reason, not in …/images/pxeboot

  • Same is true for i386 6.5 and 6.4 minimal. I gave up after seeing the same thing on 3 ISOs, but it probably follows all the way down to 6.0.