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Does anyone know what program can be used to query the RAID status from the OS for an on-board LSI SAS 2308-4i?

On this page:

there is a curious note on the left that reads:

“Integrated MegaRAID support available upon request”

After one mostly fruitless round of chatting with LSI/Avago/Broadcom and one completely fruitless round of chatting with HP, I found confirmation under the storage section here:!tab=specs

It looks like HP didn’t “request” MegaRAID support, so MegaCli and StorCli don’t see anything and neither does lsiutils (nor hpacucli, tried just for a laugh).

Any clues appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Cheers, Zube

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  • the 2308 isn’t actually a megaraid, its a simple SAS HBA that has an optional raid mode IF its flashed with IR firmware… this only supports raid 0/1/10. I always(!) flash these with the IT firmware that turns them back into a plain SAS HBA, and then use operating system native raid (mdraid for CentOS).

    the megaraid management software does support these chips in IR mode, but megacli is an awful thing to use. i found it so awful that I
    located and tweaked a couple python scripts to make it easier to use on a LSI MegaRAID 9261-8i (which doesn’t /have/ any IT mode)

    # lsi-raidinfo
    — Controllers

  • John R Pierce wrote:

    Yes – he’s *absolutely* right. This software is user-surly, except when it’s outright user-hostile. I found the same script, and use it.


  • Thanks to both you and Mark Roth for chiming in and thank you for the lsi-raidinfo script.

    Right, that is in agreement with both the Avago whitepaper and the bits from the HP web site.

    and later …

    The on-board 2308-4i has a RAID-1 set connected, configured in the BIOS
    before installing the OS. From dmesg:

    scsi 0:1:0:0: Direct-Access LSI Logical Volume 3000 PQ: 0 ANSI: 6
    scsi 0:1:0:0: RAID1: handle(0x0143), wwid(0x0dafbe8ecd4f4330), pd_count(2), type(SSP)
    scsi 0:1:0:0: qdepth(128), tagged(1), simple(1), ordered(0), scsi_level(7), cmd_que(1)

    So, one of these must be true:

    1) The machine came from HP with the IR firmware, yet MegaCli64
    does not work on the 2308-4i. For the record, it dies because
    /dev/megaraid_sas_ioctl_node is not created when MegaCli64 is run, as it is on PowerEdge machines.

    2) The machine came from HP with the IT firmware, yet there is some way to create a RAID-1 in the BIOS with it.

    3) There’s something I’m missing and/or I’m completely barking mad.

    Any further clues appreciated.

    Cheers, Zube