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Hey All,

You know how sometimes you have a problem but you just live with it?
Well I’ve got one of those problems. I have an HP-2025dn printer connected to my home network. When I print a plain text document containing the text, “this is a test”, from my wife’s Windows 7 machine using the text editor the print job finishes in less than 15 seconds. If I print two copies the second copy comes out so quickly after the first that the first one hasn’t time enough to settle in the output tray before the next copy is already exiting the printer output slot.

When I try to print from either my 32 bit or 64 bit CentOS 6.6 machines it takes two minutes and 30 seconds, 2:30, to print the first copy and
2:15 to print the second copy. Again this is just a plain text message containing the words, “this is a test”, printed from gedit.

I’ve just been living with this for a while now but tonight I got out the stop watch and tried to fix this issue.

[mlapier@peach ~]$ rpm -qa | grep ^hp hplip-common-3.12.4-6.el6.x86_64
[mlapier@peach ~]$

[mlapier@peach ~]$ rpm -qa | grep ^cup cups-pk-helper-0.0.4-12.el6.x86_64
[mlapier@peach ~]$

When I select the option to combine multiple copies into one print job when printing from LibreOffice I always get multiple print jobs. I’m not offered that option when printing multiple copies from gedit so I
can’t speak to that. I do get multiple print jobs from gedit too.

I did some googling but found nothing Linux related but I did find a couple of Windows references to slow printing with this printer on the HP site. They pretty much said that this is not the speediest printer on the face of the earth so stop whining.

I don’t remember when this problem first appeared but I do remember that I used to be able to print a document from LibreOffice before in less than one minute but now it takes several minutes to print the same document.

I know, I’m rambling again. I would be more specific if I had any idea what the problem is.

Does anyone out there have any idea how I can even determine where the problem is?

^ ^ Mark LaPierre Registered Linux user No #267004

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  • Sort of a shot in the dark, but it sounds very much like a problem I saw using a LaserJet P2035 on Mac. It worked but took a couple minutes to print even the most basic output. I never found a solution using the proper driver, but I discovered it did print a lot faster if I picked the generic PCL driver.