So, Just Wondering, Is OpenJDK7 In CentOS 6.3??

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“Developer Tools: In addition to OpenJDK6 support in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, the newly introduced OpenJDK7 allows customers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 to develop and test with the latest version of open source Java. ”

Yet in the CentOS 6.3 release notes, the only mention about “OpenJDK” is for OpenJDK 6…

“7.4. Packages released as 6.2 updates with older packages on the 6.3 install media

java-1.6.0-openjdk- "

Is this because OpenJDK7 is not included, or because it is included but not worth mentioning in the rel notes?. (No intention to offend anyone, just thinking aloud).

I am downloading CentOS 6.3 as I write this, so I’ll soon find out… yet I wanted to ask anyhow (because perhaps the addition of OpenJDK7 -if present- could be added to the wiki?).

Regards, FC

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  • Neither … :)

    Those files listed are … (1) rpms that we built for 6.2 updates … THAT ARE ALSO … (2) newer than we put on the 6.3 ISO.

    That is a very specific set of files and what it means is that the java-1.6.0-openjdk files on the 6.3 iso are older than the files you would have on a fully updated 6.2 machine.

    And yes, java-1.7.0-openjdk was in 6.2 and it is in 6.3 … but the rpms we built for 6.3 are newer than the rpms in 6.2-updates.

    We put the older files on our 6.3 ISOs (the ones listed where you quoted) because we are mirroring the versions in the upstream EL
    release, which are also older than the 6.2-updates. We did, however, move the newer rpms into 6.3-updates, so you will get them as updates to the 6.3 install.

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  • Do a “yum search openjdk” and you’ll see that java-1.6.0-* and java-1.7.0-* packages co-exist. I don’t think you’ll get the 1.7
    versions in an update – you’d have to tell yum to install them explicitly.