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Hi All,

I had a machine with software RAID-1 have a disk crash. I am attempting to get the data off the good disk. Using a USB to SATA device I plugged it into another machine. I tried many things to mount it, to mdadm add it but could not get it to cooperate.

Another thought I had is can I use fdisk to change the “type” of the partition from “linux raid” to “linux” and then mount as normal?

Does that work?


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  • If only one of two drives of mirror failed, on the original machine you should be able to mount everything hosted on that RAID (the last will be running in degraded mode). Why not to copy it from there (using network, or extra drives attached to that machine)?


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  • You probably want to “mdadm –assemble –scan”. If there were logical volumes on it, you’d also want to “lvchange -a y” afterward.