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Maybe world has changed I am not aware and I am still the old fashion way where I download a DVD image and install from there like in CentOS but has Fedora changed something? I mean I am trying to find the proper image for download it put on USB flash memory and install on my PC but all that I can find are “live images” so what happen here? Did I miss something? Can any put me on the right path?

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  • A LiveCD allows users to experience the desktop AND install the OS if they like it You just boot the LiveCD then click on the “Install Fedora” icon present on the desktop.


  • I think nearly all the fedora images are live CDs now. They should have an option to install fedora when you boot the cd. Usually when you boot the cd. A window appears asking to either install the os or try it out. If you are using a non gnome cd,you may have to search the application menu for the installer

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  • At one point, at least the LiveCD had a bunch of limitations, possibly on partitioning, and also on package selection. I don’t know if that’s still true.

    However, there are also the server and workstation spins. If you are looking for the usual Gnome desktop, you probably want workstation. I usue server, choose minimal install and add things afterwards.

    The Fedora site itself has the live one by default. Their logic is that the newcomer will have the best chance of success with that one, and the more experienced will go elsewhere. Their site,, shows server and workstation images for download.

  • Still true. Anaconda doesn’t handle LVM on Software RAID properly. Maybe it will be fixed when F24 releases this summer.

    There may be other limitations as well.

    The work around is to use the netinstall image. The server images are a different set of packages apparently and is said to require a bunch of work to make a server install a workstation install in the end. So I’d advise against that and instead netinstall (worked for me).