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Hi all!

In the last day or two (on CentOS 7)the speaker icon in the Mate top panel, which normally drops down to a volume control, has stopped working.

what does “stopped working” mean?

It means when I drop down the volume slider and slide it, it makes no difference at all in the output volume.

if I right-click that icon, it’ll open up “Sound Preferences”, which appears to be the same as “Mate Volume Control”. Within that program, the input or output level slider DOES work.

I fired up alsactrl and it seems to work fine, and will also control volume.

I dont have pavucontrol (or is it pavuctl) installed, so I don’t suppose it has gotten messed up.

Any clues?


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  • Is it possible that the Connector setting under the Output tab is wrong? The volume control might be controlling the volume on an unused output.

  • Well, I don’t think so…

    there are only two choices there, Headphones and Line Out. Headphones kinda makes sense, since the green jack on the back of the computer is where the amplifier/speakers are connected. It has been this way for the life of this computer (2-3 years).

    Choosing LIne Out immediately cuts off the audio entirely.

    the “device” option has two devices, built-in analog audio, or the nvidia HDMI jack. since I don’t use the nvidia hdmi for audio output, I leave it on the built-in analog audio.

    I know it was working as recently as yesterday, because I was listening to an audiobook on the Internet Archive last evening.

    I also tried to post on the Mate forums, but they seem to be closed, i.e., not accepting any new postings.

  • I still haven’t any clues, but now the volume control is working.

    I did a reboot this afternoon, after which it worked. Weird thing is, I had rebooted yesterday before sending the original posting, and it made no difference at all.

    Go figure!

    Thanks for your attention! :(