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I wonder if anyone has got speedtest.mini from http://speedtest.net/mini.php working under CentOS-6?

(It’s a version of speedtest that one can run on a local web-server.)

It used to work for me, but hasn’t for a long time¬†(maybe several years …)

Any suggestions or elucidation gratefully received.

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  • I just did yum install php cd /var/www/html mkdir speedtest.mini cd speedtest.mini unzip ~/mini.zip mv index-php.html index.php service httpd restart

    and it worked on my CentOS 6.3 build (I have SELinux turned off…)

    Results: 93Mbit/s down, 80Mbit/s up… on a local 100Mbit client.

    Not that it needs flash on the client ‘cos it’s really just speedtest.swf that does the real work.

  • Stephen Harris wrote:

    That is exactly what I did, except I called it SpeedTest.php .
    (I also tried SpeedTest.html .)

    I also have SELinux turned off. If I click on my home page http://www.gaylord.com/SpeedTest.php [website modified]
    I just get a black page.

    Maybe I have misunderstood the purpose of this program?
    I’m not clear what you are measuring. Are you running a web-server on this computer?
    What command exactly would be given on a remote browser?

  • Ross Cavanagh wrote:

    Everything in /var/www/html is owned by apache.apache . I’ve left the file permission (read and write)
    as they appear in the source mini.zip .

    But I’m still wondering if I understand the purpose of the program If I browse to speedtest.net I’m told the upload and download speeds of my machine.

    I assumed that if I put speedtest.mini on a website then someone who accesses SpeedTest on the web-site will get the upload and download speeds of the machine hosting the website. Is that correct?

    I was puzzled why the man who said speedtest.mini worked for him spoke (above) of a local 100Mb client. This wouldn’t make much sense with my (mis?)understanding of the program.

  • No. It will tell you the upload/download speeds between the web client and your web server. If your client and webserver are on the same LAN
    then you’re testing your LAN speed. If your client and webserver are separated by the internet then you’re testing the speed of the internet links.

  • Stephen Harris wrote:

    That’s really what I meant. In any case, speedtest.mini does not work for me either way. It just shows a blank black (or dark-blue) page. This is running on two CentOS-6.3 servers (one remote), and looking from a Firefox browser on a Fedora-17 laptop.

  • Stephen Harris wrote:

    I do have flash-plugin-11.2 for firefox, which seems to be the last version Adobe is going to produce. I think speedtest.mini says you must have version 8 at least.

    Also, I see from the source that a message should come up if you don’t have flash.

  • Kahlil Hodgson wrote:

    No. I disabled all Firefox Add-ons
    (they were only Translate and Restart Firefox add-ons)
    and it had no effect.