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I try to set up two “Match Group” directives in sshd_config.

I have an LDAP server. All users including admins are part of the LDAP
group users. The admins users are also part of the LDAP group wheel. For example:

[~]groups admin1
admin1 : users wheel
[~]groups users user1 : users

On a client server to LDAP, I try to configure two “Match Group” directives in sshd_config as follows:

Match Group wheel
some keywords…

Match Group users
some keywords…

The problem is that even if a user is a member of LDAP group wheel, the
“Match Group wheel” directive is skipped in favor of the “Match Group users” directive.

Is it possible to have two “Match Group” directives as I like to do it? If yes, what is wrong in my configuration?


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  • A detail I forgot…

    The need is to have members of the groups wheel and users being dropped to a shell and administer the server while members of only the group users have a script started forcing them to a few command on the server.