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Hi CentOS Experts,

I want to have hands on /etc/dracut.conf file which standard CentOS
7.3 is using to create initrd.img present in the DVD ISO :

From where can i get /etc/dracut.conf, so that i can create exact replica of initrd.img which CentOS 7.3 is sending in DVD ISO. ?
Can any one please send me standard CentOS 7.3 dracut configuration?

My goal is to change some kernel configuration in standard CentOS 7.3
kernel. I will be adding some new drivers statically and will be building new vmlinuz.

I will also be building initrd.img compatible with this new kernel image. Then, i will copy these 2 newly formed images to /isolinux/ in my dvd-iso-layout folder and try to make a new ISO. This ISO should boot well. I need to prepare one complete ISO, which has my new modified kernel and modified initrd

Currently, i am facing lot of errors in dracut. Not sure, what am i missing in my initrd.img. Sometimes, it says “/dev/root” does not exist.

What command shall i use in CentOS 7.3 to make a new initrd.img which i can transfer to my ISO for new installation?

Regards Sudhanshu