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My experience with RHEL and CentOS is quite limited, andwould classify me as novice.  I have been running CentOS 6for a little over a year and recently brought up a CentOS 7system as a virtual machine under Windows 7. One of the first things I usually do after installation isedit the /etc/sudoers file using visudo to give a specificuser or specific users privileges as indicated in the fileexcerpt below. The visudo editor issued no error messageswhen creating the line for sarah.
##    user    MACHINE=COMMANDS
## The COMMANDS section may have other options added to it.
## Allow root to run any commands anywhere root     ALL=(ALL)     ALL
sarah    ALL=(ALL)     NOPASSWD: ALL
On our CentOS 6 systems, the NOPASSWD option works as itis intended to work.  No password prompt is presented for commands such as “sudo cat /etc/sudoers”.  On CentOS 7,the NOPASSWD option does not seem to work, and a promptfor sarah’s password is always issued.

Can someone help solve this CentOS 7 mystery?
Thank you and best regards.

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  • Wow, regular user getting root without password! This looks scary! Did we have a whole chapter about it in system administration books?


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