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I believe that I made a boo boo recently when recovering some unused disk space. Without going into painfully embarrassing detail I need to delete an entry in fstab for a now non-existent logical volume.

The system reports that the there is a bad superblock for said logical volume. Mainly I expect because there isn’t one anymore. How do I
edit fstab so as to remove the mount request? For some reason the system will not boot from the cdrom and the I for interactive option is just blown by when the HDD boot starts.

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  • Can you have some other rescue device besides the CD then, can you boot to USB and create a rescue disk image onto USB and then go and edit it?

  • I discovered the problem with the cd-rom. It is just that, a cd-rom, and I was trying to boot from a dvd rescue disk. I have corrected that problem, edited fstab, and rebooted the system, apparently with success, so far.

  • Hello James,

    On failed boot one used to be presented with a single user mode root login. Didn’t the system offer you that option after failing to mount said partition? It might be you need to “escape away” the graphical boot screen to see that prompt.

    FYI, the interactive boot mode probably isn’t very helpful in a situation like this as mounting partitions is not an option one can skip :) .

    Regards, Leonard.

  • It still does, and I was able to edit fstab in it. I just could not save the changes because the file system was read-only.

    Ah well. Nothing lost then. But why does the boot loader offer the
    ‘I’ option if one cannot make use of it?

  • Hello James,

    If you remount rw you should be able to save those changes.

    Because it does allow you to skip the starting of services that might be causing problems. Just not the mounting of fstab entries. So it’s still useful in some situations.

    Regards, Leonard.