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I’ve been using CentOS since versions 4.x, and I see a weird trend in recent Linux distributions.

Under CentOS 4.x, 5.x and 6.x, shutting down a server (workstation, laptop) simply meant issuing ‘shutdown -h now’ (or choosing ‘Shutdown’
from the GUI menu), and the machine would simply shut down. Whatever crazy process went haywire, shutting down the system meant exactly that. No questions asked.

Now with CentOS 7.x, sometimes the machine would simply hang during the shutdown process, or I would get a message like “a stop job is running”, and I would end up having to hit the Reset button to stop the system, as I did when I used Microsoft Windows (before 2001).


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  • Have patience – the default is for systemd to give processes 90 seconds to stop gracefully before forcefully killing them ( the 30 sec / 1 min 30 sec bit)

    With the older sysv scripts things were not so graceful …

    If there’s a service that frequently takes ages to stop you may want to investigate why (eg is it missing a dependency on a network filesystem and then gets stuck when the network filesystem goes before it does).