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Ok I created my script this morning


Type=notify ExecStart=/home/silentm/bin/mystart


I put it in the correct directory, I rebooted and I see that my mystart script runs- programs start up but then they are killed with signal 15…

Is there something else that allows them to continue to run?
the mystart runs the needed programs then it does exit. I presume that mystart exit is killing the children.

Whats the magic to let the children continue.?



2 thoughts on - Systemd Startup On CentOS 7

  • Since you’re using Type=notify, does your daemon use sd_notify (or equivalent) to notify when it has finished starting up?

  • Did you see the template I made for you in your other thread on this subject?

    I suspect you will need the following in the [service] section

    Type=forking RemainAfterExit=yes

    Unless you are using the notify api you should not have that else it’ll be considered a failed start…

    If after adding the above you still have issues respond with the output of systemctl status after trying systemctl start to start it