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I realize this is (mostly) off topic, but I’m befuddled as to how one can post to the Gmane Pan Users’ group (gmane.comp.gnome.apps.pan.user) using any nntp USENET client (e.g., Pan, on CentOS).

I’m already subscribed (by having sent an email to; but I just want that USENET group to work like this USENET group, where I can post using a server:port login:password combination such as we use here:
Server: Port: 119
Login: blank Password: blank User: Rock

I’ve looked here ( and if the answer is there, I don’t see it (maybe I missed it?). My basic question is so simply I’m shocked I’m having to ask it (of the wrong group even) … which is … the following:

Q: How on earth is one supposed to post to the Gmane Pan users using an nntp client (which requires a server name and port & login/password)?

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  • It’s not in that FAQ, nor in the web page for the pan users group. I did ask “Lars” but he controls gmane, not the pan users group.

    Amazingly, the pan users group just (apparently) assumes you omnipotently already know what to set the NNTP client server:port, login:password, and user:email to in order to post successfully.

    For example, this is what you need to post to *this* group:
    Group name = gmane.linux.CentOS.general Server = Port = 119
    Login = blank Password = blank Username = Foo Email = <== this is all that needs to be pre-registered in order to post to gmane.linux.CentOS.general. (I forget how I had pre-registered, but, IIRC, I had sent an email to someone at somewhere and they wrote back with the instructions above - which allows me to post as long as I put that email address in the posting profile).

  • It is (fully) off topic

    That said, if you post the first time to a mailing list per gmane then gmane will send you a mail that you must answer.

    You post per nntp the first time gmane sends you a email per SMTP
    you reply to that email you wait some time …

    something like that, but as said, when you have problems with gmane, ask gmane.


    Ah. *That* was the problem!

    Lars had written back, but his answer was unhelpful. He had written, verbatim:
    “If you can read via Gmane, you can post via Gmane.”

    This turns out to be false (since I could clearly read but not post to the Gmane pan users group).

    But, given your helpful suggestion above, I belatedly logged into my rarely-used throwaway email account, and, lo and behold, in that unused email account, were the missing (now expired) authorization requests from Gmane:

    I’m surprised reading the FAQ didn’t bring this up, but, Lars said it’s not something they put in the FAQ because you’re just supposed to know it.

    I guess I did, at one time, but, I had forgotten the sequence for posting (which requires the throwaway email be actually used at least once per Gmane group).

    Mea culpa.