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Johnny’s announcement refers to:
firefox-45.2.0-1.el5.CentOS.src.rpm firefox-45.2.0-1.el6.CentOS.src.rpm firefox-45.2.0-1.el7.CentOS.src.rpm

The linked rhel webpage refers to:
firefox-45.2.0-1.el5_11.src.rpm firefox-45.2.0-1.el6_8.src.rpm firefox-45.2.0-1.el7_2.src.rpm

These do not appear to be the same thing. Note the numbers just before the .src part of the filenames.

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  • CentOS drop the underscore part of the dist tag when they rebuild them. Checking the changelog should confirm they are the same.

  • But we already had a firefox-45.2.0-1 rpm issued a week back:

    $ rpm -qi firefox Name : firefox Version : 45.2.0
    Release : 1.el7.CentOS
    Architecture: x86_64
    Install Date: Wed 08 Jun 2016 08:26:44 PM CST
    Group : Applications/Internet Size : 149250172
    License : MPLv1.1 or GPLv2+ or LGPLv2+
    Signature : RSA/SHA256, Wed 08 Jun 2016 05:19:42 PM CST, Key ID 24c6a8a7f4a80eb5
    Source RPM : firefox-45.2.0-1.el7.CentOS.src.rpm

    Therefore, yum won’t find this latest update (as far as I can tell, anyway).

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    Yes .. the announcements were stuck in the outbound queue .. and the CentOS-7 one had to be regenerated. The actual RPMs where released last week when they were built. (The announcements were delayed).

    When the CentOS team changes a package for debranding, except the kernel which has to have the exact same name for 3rd Party Modules or Drivers, we change the dist tag to .el7.CentOS (or .el6.CentOS or .el5.CentOS). We do this to denote that the package has been modified.

    We only modify packages in the BASE operating system for debranding to meet the redistribution requirements of Red Hat Software (Specifically, see the Trademark information here):

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes