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I’m trying to convert my Tomboy notes from an old F12 system to Gnote on this CentOS 6 system.

What I have found buy googling so far:
– Tomboy notes used to be stored in $HOME/.tomboy
– Some Tomboy upgrade moved them to $HOME/.local/share/.tomboy
– Gnote stores its notes in $HOME/.local/share/gnote
– Gnote has a Tomboy note converter add-in

My Tomboy notes are in /home/steve/.tomboy so I had the old Tomboy system. I have the Tomboy add-in installed in Gnote

I have tried copying my notes from $HOME/.tomboy to
$HOME/.local/share/gnote and I have also tried copying them to
$HOME/.local/share/tomboy but in either case I don’t see them in gnote.

Do I have a directory name wrong or is there some action needed to start the conversion?

Thanks, Steve

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  • I got the impression that Tomboy was obsolete and not supported and that Gnote was its new shiny replacement so I was trying to avoid Tomboy but perhaps I will have to go back to using it.


  • Ha!! That’s weird. I just rebooted to a new kernel and all my notes are now showing up in Gnote. I’m sure it is unrelated to the kernel but I must have put something in the correct location and needed to restart Gnote.


  • I would like to know how GNote can replace Tomboy when it does not support synchronization of multiple computers.

    At least version 0.6.3 used in CentOS 7 does not support it. Only version 3.7.2 from January 2013 added support for Synchronization, so I
    will be moving to GNote only when I move (all?) computers/servers to CentOS 7.