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I’m trying out CentOS 7 using a HP AMD laptop

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  • file an RFE for the CentOS-plus kernel, maybe we can get this in there ?
    Otherwise, nothing really stops you from building your own kernel for your own machine :)

  • Filed.

    In the meantime, I’m going to try the suggestion of using Catalyst drivers first before venturing into kernel building since the laptop’s graphics is behaving oddly apart from the resume problem.

  • As an update, downloading the latest AMD fglrx 14.4rev2 drivers and installing it fixed the unable to resume problem to some extend. pm-hibernate will work properly but pm-suspend will wake up to a blank screen which apparently is a common enough problem from googling. Might be something to do with systemd based on this archlinux thread

    However, in my case, this appears to be circumvented in runlevel 5
    (runlevel 3 gets stuck until I type blind or SSH in to reboot/hibernate the machine). In runlevel 5, the screen flashes on briefly, then go blank, after a while it comes back and abrt reports a crash with plymouthd. Seems like X will retry in this situation so it causes the display to come back.

    If it is of any use, I could send the abrt report somewhere.