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I’ve seen similar cases where a USB drive appears to fail but the SMART
reports success. The most recent was a 500 GB disk which had internally a Seagate Barracuda SATA drive. It appeared to work well until I sent it a largish (7GB) tarball. As well as SMART I ran a surface check and exercise, all passed. The tar kept failing.

I can’t test further, the disk has been broken up for destruction, but I
wonder if the problem is the disk or the USB/SATA conversion board? If there is some sort of buffer in the interface that is filling, then the behaviour you describe makes sense. I have no proof or details, it’s just a thought that occurred to me as I was breaking it up.

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  • If the USB disk also has an eSATA port, use that one and test again. If it doesn’t have an eSATA port then I always open the enclosure, take out the disk, hook it up to a SATA port on a PC and test again. If a USB
    disk has strange issues then these steps have always helped me figuring out if the disk was failing.

    HTH, Patrick