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I received a rar-archive, probably created on Win10, that I could not extract with unrar on CentOS 6.

Is it possible that the version of unrar available for CentOS 6 does not support potentially new archiving algorithms used by some newer archiving program (don’t know which one was used) on Win 10? I was later able to extract the files using another program on a WinXP computer. Defeat…

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  • Am 23.01.2018 um 20:23 schrieb H:

    CentOS does not provide unrar. You must have it from a third party repository and we don’t know which version of unrar that is.


  • You are right, it seems I had installed version 4.0.7 from repoforge. I now removed it, installed version 5.2.1 locally from rarlab.com and this version is able to extract the archived files.