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I have a gif image in a folder. Whenever I have gthumb display it or a copy of it, gthumb goes into slideshow mode. Usually I can stop the show. It will not stop before going to the next image. but I only have a slideshow period to look at the troublemaker. If the troublemaker is last in the directory, I cannot stop the show without stopping gthumb.

How do I make gthumb stop going into slideshow mode when it hits the troubleaker?

My expectation is that I flipped some bit somewhere, but I have not been able to find the bit. From the timestamp on the original, I’m reasonably sure the bit is not in the file itself. Another gif in the same directory does not have that problem.

I do not know what exactly I did to the file. At one point, I clicked with the mouse in the wrong place. Eventually I got out of slideshow mode and almost all was well.

Displaying the one file or a copy of it starts slideshow mode.

How do I fix that?

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  • Any ideas on where to look for help?
    My searches generally yield a lot of how-tos that bury any how-not-tos.