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just a little question:

Exists a way to update the Gnome 2.28.1 out of box at CentOS 6.4 to a Gnome 3?

And if yes…how does this work?

thanks a lot.

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  • Just to give more informations…

    Like to test that in my virtual enviroment…and if i am compatible with Gnome 3…and everything works fine…update my workstation…

    cheers ajh

    [ Eddie G. O’Connor Jr. – 24.07.2013 07:47:31 ]:

  • There is no supported way to do this. This would not be easy to accomplish, but it would be theoretically possible. You would have to build gtk3 and then build all the gnome3 apps … and then you would have to rebuild all the CentOS-6.4 packages that depend on any of the gnome2 development libraries with gnome3 as replacements.

    I would recommend that if you really MUST have gnome 3, you either use gnome2 now and wait for RHEL-7 to be released (then we will release CentOS-7 … which will have gnome3) … or that you instead use the latest Fedora as your desktop (You can get Fedora 19 now … Fedora 18
    is also still supported for 6 or so months).

    Remember that base CentOS is not designed to have the latest and greatest packages, it is designed to be stable and provide support for the things it is released with for 10 years.

    That said, if there are a number of Developers out there who would be interested in building gnome3 for the CentOS-6 branch, we do Special Interest Groups to add things to CentOS. The Xen4CentOS project is an example of this. If enough people, who have the knowledge and skill to actually build gnome3 on CentOS-6, desire a new SIG to be created then that can be done. We would need some assurances that this SIG would be there for the long haul and they would have at least one person from the upstream Gnome Project in order to form. If such a group did want to form, the CentOS-Devel mailing list would be the place for it to happen.

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes

  • In addition to building GTK3, they would also have to update glib2, glibc, atk, and roughly a dozen or more additional packages to support just building base GNOME 3.

    It would be a monumental change leaving them with a distribution that was no longer CentOS.

    Just adding my $.02 in-case it helps.

  • Thanks a lot… I think that Gnome 2 is already the best for my desktop, because I like the CentOS OS..therefore I could life with Gnome 2 :-)

    Thanks a lot!


    [ Andrew Wyatt – 24.07.2013 08:36:40 ]:

  • Andrew Wyatt top-posted:

    And that’s not where it ends. A potentially much more fundamental and system-changing requirement may be systemd, which other distros already require for Gnome 3, e.g. Gentoo.

    Johnny Hughes writes:

    I’m not looking forward to this. RedHat needs to undertake major efforts to make this travesty of a desktop usable or we will be looking at massive retraining costs for hundreds of thousands, if not more, users across the board.

    RedHat’s efforts at innovation to, putting it neutrally, distinguish themselves from competitors, if that really is the driving business reason behind incorporating changes that in the view of the wider Linux community are controversial at best, are deviating from established core Unix principles for no good reasons. Is it just an unhealthy obsession with fast boot times; doesn’t matter that much to me when some servers can take minutes from cold start before starting the OS. In RHEL, there already is pulseaudio, soon systemd/udev/gnome3, and where will it end?
    Binary syslog? Systemd beconing the emacs of core system components? Is there another HAL debacle in the making?

  • That’s the concept behind the classic mode that was added as part of Gnome 3.8 and will be the default desktop on RHEL 7. Its user experience is right in line with Gnome 2 and isn’t too much off a shift for existing users of RHEL, so I don’t think there’s any reason to get out the pitchforks.


  • No one will force you to move to EL7 … EL6 will be supported until 30
    Nov 2020, feel free to use it as long as you want.

  • I would disagree with that statement. I’ve always felt that Nautilus was a horrible interface and I’ve always been perplexed by the default behavior of opening a new window when I click on a folder. So you’re never gonna make everyone happy.

    Have you even tried the classic mode? From the times that I’ve used it, it is pretty close to a Gnome 2 style of user interface and it seemed like it would be pretty familiar to anyone that’s used to Gnome


  • Average users/people often accept a UI. I think it’s the bulk of the people on this list (admins/power users) that try to tweak our user interface (and servers) to the max. Nobody should spend nearly a month fiddling with a UI … isn’t there work to be done?

    Besides this is CentOS (stable) we’re talking about, not Fedora Rawhide
    (unstable/bleeding … possibly prone to breakage) … so the system is stable+usable even if it doesn’t suit one’s tastes.

    Easily fixed by using browser windows. I’d be willing to bet that this is one of those “tweaks” many people make when they installed older Fedora versions and CentOS versions. :)

    Gnome3 isn’t that bad if you give it a chance.
    (Sort of like KDE 3.5 to KDE 4.x … people complained incessantly and eventually just accepted it and moved on.)

    Gnome3 lacks the status bar items I enjoyed (without installing plugins/addons) which were immediately available in a default Gnome2
    install. But that’s easily remedied if you don’t like the plain user interface. Not that it matters, but Debian Wheezy defaults to a Gnome3
    user interface.

    Some people are resistant to change – I am to a degree. Hopefully they can accept Gnome3’s Classic Mode or adjust to using XFCE.

    And for those that don’t want to upgrade, there’s always CentOS 5 and 6
    which will be available from vault.CentOS.org ;)

    Please no flame wars. :D
    ** Contact Red Hat and request they package MATE if you really want something that looks like Gnome2. **