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I have remote systems that need updating. C5 and C6 systems.

Is there a “method” that is out there that you can load an ISO of 7.3 on a different partition (other than root) tell the boot up process that the ISO
is there, do a clean install, install everything, auto reboot, and now C7
is installed and running.

Some configuring will be required after – but that is fine. The OS will be updated.

Has anyone worked out something like that ?

I’m shocked after all these years Redhat does not have a good upgrade path from version to version.



One thought on - Updating To CentOS 7.3

  • I do this all the time, but it never is to “upgrade” a system, but to start a kickstart. All our configuration is in CM so its easier to just kick off an install than to try to upgrade a system from el6 to el7. Too many changes. I’ve created kickstarts that preserved a volume that had data on it, but wipe the OS disks.

    Jonathan Billings