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For a while now the “upstream details” pointed to in messages from CentOS-announce have been saying:

Attention: RHN Hosted will reach the end of its service life on
July 31, 2017. Customers will be required to migrate existing
systems to Red Hat Subscription Management prior to this date.

Is there any plan to shift the CentOS announcements to refer to an alternative freely available service?

Thanks, Stuart Barkley

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  • This message, as far as I understand, resembles to how RedHat subscribers
    (paid clients) manage/update their RedHat systems (the last requires going trough pilot server for binary packages). CentOS does not use any access restrictions to CentOS packages and other goodies, so this message does not apply to CentOS.

    On a side note: I was always admiring RedHat: being commercial company, they live off OpenSource software and always meticulously obey relevant licenses (GPL license almost for overwhelming part of software). Namely, they always provide unrestricted access to source packages (as they tweak original software or settings). CentOS project rebuilds these (changing branding and artwork), and provides “binary compatible” with RedHat Enterprise freely available system. Thanks both to RedHat, and to CentOS
    teams for the great job you guys are doing!


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  • I apparently wasn’t clear about the issue. The problem is the CentOS
    announcements for all of the updates refer to web pages that claim they will no longer exist after July 31, 2017. There are two possible problems:

    – Old email (in various archives) may refer to non-existent content. This is a Redhat issue that CentOS can’t directly do anything about. Redhat may (hopefully) decide they need to leave the old content available at the old URLs.

    – According to the Redhat announcement, future CentOS announcement emails will need to refer to different URLs at a new location
    (hopefully publicly available). Based upon the information below this looks like it can be addressed by the CentOS team.

    I do read the various advisories to make decisions about the importance of various fixes. I hope that this public functionality is not lost with the Redhat changes.

    This appears to be publicly available, so I hope the CentOS advisories will start referring to URLs similar to this one.

    Thanks, Stuart

  • I can make the new announcements use that newer path starting today.

    I might also, if the old one stops working, be able to edit the announce list archives to point to the newer path. That might be a little trickier but it should be possible.