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When I plug in my device which is USB 2.0 into a 3.0 slot (cause that is all I have)
[495042.943074] usb 5-2: new low-speed USB device number 6 using xhci_hcd
[495043.100076] usb 5-2: device descriptor read/64, error -71

I receive the above error.

Is there a flag or setting that tells the USB to in a 2.0 mode ?



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  • I’m no expert, and I don’t know the answer, here is an idea: are you using a USB3 cable for this? If so, might it be worth trying a USB2
    cable instead?

    Also, are you sure that the device itself is working correctly? Try it on a different system on usb2 and usb3? try it on this same system in a usb2 port (temporarily, since you have no spare usb2 ports).


  • USB 1 and 2 used 4 pins. USB 3 ports have an ADDITIONAL 5 pins, the original 4 are used for USB 1/2 operation, the new 5 only for USB 3
    operation. they are effectively two completely independent controllers.

    the combined protocol stack is an unholy mess of poorly planned extensions.

  • Do you mean USB type C? USB 3 is supported and most commonly uses type A plugs & ports, which should support older devices.

  • –The USB driver uses negative values of the errors from
    /usr/include/asm-generic/errno.h. 71 is EPROTO, a protocol error.

    Check the USB driver source code to see what would elicit this error.

  • You should be able to use USB2 devices in a USB3 port with no issues, as others have said, they use different pins and both are there.

    I have never seen anyone have to do anything to use USB2 devices on a USB3 port except plug it in.