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I installed CentOS 7 (KDE), I also created a user ‘postgres’
the postgres user does not show up as a user on the login screen.

How can I make this user show up on the login screen? I’ve googled it with no luck

Thanks in advance

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  • CS DBA wrote:
    I would think that under no circumstances *should* it show up. It’s a user account for a daemon, and no one should be logging in that way, more like su to it.


  • log in a root user, check for /home/missing-user.

    in /etc files; group, gshadow, passwd, shadow, for ‘missing-user’.

    if missing or present, create user again to see if will correct.

    if it is a daemon as Mark suggest, remove daemon.


  • if its the daemon account Mark suggests, don’t remove it unless you want to also remove the PostgreSQL database server thats depending on it.

  • As far as I remember, by default postgres user has rather low UID number. Users with UID below some number will not be shown on login screen. (500
    was this number in the past, 1000 may be on some current Linuxes, 100 was on some Suns if I remember correctly)


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