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Hi, folks,

Our system gets/creates /var/lib/ssh-x509-auth/,pem, then deletes it when the log out. selinux (in permissive mode) complains. First, I changed the context to cert_t, and *now* it complains that ksh93 wants write, etc access on the directory. grep ssh-x509-auth
/var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow offers me this:
#============= sshd_t =============allow sshd_t cert_t:dir write;
allow sshd_t var_lib_t:file { write getattr create open ioctl };

So: first, is this an expected behavior; second, is that the correct fcontext, and, finally, is it safe for me to create this as a local policy?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Best label available I can see is sshd_var_run_t. Not exactly named well but it would work.

    chcon -R -t sshd_var_run_t /var/lib/ssh-x509-auth