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OK, I plugged in a web cam device (something called a ‘Zoomy’ — a web cam/microscope). It is recognized by the unc driver. Now what?

Does there exist a program that can use this device? Or do I have to write one from scratch? I have been searching the web, but all of the links are about getting and installing *drivers*. I don’t need a driver, I need a userland program.

With Ubuntu 14.04, there is a program named Cheese, but I can’t find a version that works with CentOS 5. And no, don’t tell me to install Ubuntu

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  • Well, can we recommend that you to install CentOS 7? Because right now you’re limited to a set of applications that were available in 2007.
    Cheese and Ekiga are packaged for more recent releases than CentOS 5.