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Hi guys.

‘ve installed varnish-ban-manager ( and I’m currently configuring it’s DNS name. The thing is that I’ve set in Route53 (DNS
service in AWS) to use name http:// / pointing to http:// The thing is, if I test with http ://
purge.domain .com:9000/ it works normally, but using http: // will send me a “your request cannot be processed” (in a varnish error screen). Any ideas why this could be happening? I’ve test this with the ip address of this vm and works perfectly too.. Here’s the vhost config file:


ProxyPass / http://varnish_server.domain:9200/
ProxyPassReverse /

# Logging
ErrorLog logs/server-error_log
CustomLog logs/server-access_log combined

Note: i’ve replaced my real domain for “domain” just in case.

Thanks guys!!

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