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I have a woefully dumb question. When I tell my wife’s laptop, with CentOS 7 installed and a live ethernet cable plugged into it, “yum update,” it fails saying that it doesn’t see any repos. What do I need to do to?

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  • Am 04.08.2017 um 19:01 schrieb Beartooth:

    Without a precise error messge (copy & paste what is printed out) it is hard to judge.

    rpm -V CentOS-release

    If that command does not print out anything then the default CentOS repo definitions are there and set. I then would guess the laptop does not have internet connectivity. Validate that

    ip a s

    prints out a valid network address. And that

    ip r s

    has a valid route to reach the internet.

    Is any internet address like http://www.google.com reachable from the system?


  • Standard troubleshooting 101:

    Have you rebooted?
    Can you ping it?

    If no then hit us up.

    Had that as a sign forever on my wall. I probably should make a new one.

  • Yes. In fact, I brought it upstairs and replaced my normal #3 PC
    behind the KVM switch with it, and rebooted it.

    I see boot messages (on the Thinkpad, not on my proper monitor;
    but it does seem to react to the keyboard I’m on now). The boot messages go past “Started GNOME Display Manager,” followed twice by saying it couldn’t find an input interrupt endpoint (with differing strings of gibberish).

    Can any machine not on a network be pinged??

    I seldom feel so helpless and hapless as when I find myself at a machine with no connection to any network. :-{