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I need to convert a VMWare Server 2 disk image to QEMU. I’ve read that QEMU supports VMWare disk formats. I just want to be sure it also supports the old VMWare Server 2 format. Anyone has any experience with/knowledge about this?

Tnx in advance, Allart

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  • take a look at the “qemu-img convert” bits – you might be best off converting the backing disk image to something better supported by qemu-kvm ( which is what I guess you mean when you say qemu ).

    – KB

  • I don’t think you need to do that. Before Vmware ESXi 5.5 was released, the earlier free versions imposed a 32Gb RAM limit so I used KVM on a few larger machines. And I was able to use existing images, using the vmware converter tool to copy from ESXi hosts into a vmdk file (essentially what vmware server would use). I’ve since converted back to ESXi because it seems easier to manage with less reboots for updates so I can’t check the details now, but I think I just followed some guide I found. Basically you have to create a new virtual machine in KVM but tell it to use an existing disk. I think the only part that seemed complicated was telling the KVM tools to use different storage locations for the image files since I wanted them spread over several volumes.