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I have been using VNC on CentOS 7 server from last couple of months and it was running all fine till last night. Unfortunately, there was an abrupt power failure and system got restarted. Now, when I try to login with VNCviwer, it thrown an error message- “*Gnome – oh no! Something has gone wrong “* with a logout option. When I click on logout, I see black/dark gray screen with 3 check boxes.

I googled to figure out a solution and tried several solutions but could not fix the problem. Any suggestion would be very helpful.

Regards Hersh

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  • Hi All,

    The other thing we have noticed after booting is, screen is completely blank. GUI is not visible on attached monitor.

    We tried switching between different terminals using (Ctl+Alt+F1-12). F2-6
    are showing command line terminals but, others are returning blank screen only.

    It appears that, there is some problem with GUI/gnome. Is there any way to fix this? Please help.

    Regards Hersh

  • Hersh wrote:
    Ok, so there is a working system and connection.

    Question 1: is X running?
    Question 2: if X is not running, or allegedly running, I would bring the system to
    init 3, then, as root, run startx. *That* tends to give you
    more useful info than just trying to figure out what
    /var/log/Xorg.0.log tells you.


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    I am not a genius (by any stretch of the imagination :D) .. but I would likely run an fsck on all the filesystem mounts .. I would likely use a LIVE ISO to do that and make sure the hard drive is unmounted.

    I would then likely try a GNOME group reinstall like this (as root)

    yum reinstall @GNOME gdm

    If none of that worked, then I would try reinstalling all the xorg-x11
    packages I have installed on the machine.

    If that did not work, I would buy a new hard drive, do a new install and then use something like an external case to connect the old drive and copy off any important stuff.

    OR .. if I had backup, I would just restore it :D


    Note, I am sure there are also any number of other things to try. Maybe someone else will opine.

    Thanks, Johnny Hughes