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I have gone through all the “new” setup for VNC server on 7.1
(goodness – that certainly is not easier than the previous way)

Anyway – I have my port on 5901 and that is working.

However – when I VNC into a box I get a different screen – I want to be on the same screen as the user that is on the console.

how do I do that?



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  • The VNC server you set up is its own X session running on its own X

    You probably want to throw all that away and start over. If you’re running Gnome as your desktop, you can use the ‘vino’ package and set up desktop sharing under Settings->Sharing->Screen Sharing.

    If you don’t like that, or use another window manager, you can set up x11vnc (from the el7 EPEL repo) and follow the instructions here:
    (ignore the part about using dag weers’ repo, it’s in EPEL for CentOS7).

    The above URL also has a way of setting up the ‘vnc’ session under your X config.