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Hi all,

is there a possibility to connect to a VPN manually before login on CentOS desktop (Gnome). I know of a similar functionality in Windows.

Is there a tutorial or something?

Thank you Tim

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  • This is reasonably vpn specific as to the type, and configuration allowed. Can you be more specific?

  • I imagine something like Cisco AnyConnect on Windows, where you can connect before login to the machine. So afterwards user specific network shares are available and can be connect via scripts.

    I have an openvpn server running.

    Regards Tim

    Am 1. Mai 2015 13:34:48 MESZ, schrieb Jim Perrin :

  • ,vpnc, command is used to connect VPN server. We can configure VPN server IP, username, password there.

  • So most easiest way in my eyes would be a network-manager applet at gdm login.

    But as of CentOS 7 there is no nm-applet.desktop anymore.

    There is also an unsolved bug report at fedora.

    Anyone an idea to get nm-applet to gdm login screen?

    Regards Tim

    Am 1. Mai 2015 19:45:55 MESZ, schrieb Jegadeesh Kumar :

  • Probably the easiest thing to do with OpenVPN would be to use RSA
    authentication and configure openvpn to run on boot at the client.

  • I do this on several machines via scripts and rc.local for openvpn .. you can do it many different ways.

  • Am 01.05.2015 um 17:58 schrieb Tim :

    First I would confirm the implementation in use … IPsec-VPN (e.g. OpenSWAN) vs. SSL-VPN (e.g. OpenVPN).

    Two totally different technologies.