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Please can someone help on steps/how to setup vpnc client to connect to a remote server.

Thanks and Regards. Samson.

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  • Hi,

    What kind of problem you are facing while doing this? Please explain that.

    There are many howto’s on this topic, please do some search on “*vpnc setup for CentOS 7*” first then post.

    –Regards Ashishkumar S. Yadav

  • Hi,

    I have installed vpnc and i am trying to connect to a remote server. NOTE:
    i was not given IPSec ID and IPSec secret.

    when i start the vpnc it returns
    Enter IPSec ID for
    Enter IPSec secret for @
    /usr/sbin/vpnc: no response from target

    ==============the above is the error message.