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Hello All,

Try as I might, I cannot get Zimbra 8.0.3 to install on CentOS 6.4, even with –platform override. I followed some tutorials even that show the result working and nada.

Can anyone suggest a good setup for e-mails erving, calendaring, web mail?
Web mail is particularly important for my wife so she can check e-mail when she is at work.


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  • Zarafa?
    I think comes with epel and works better with Android than Zimbra. verzonden m.b.v Android vandaar de beknoptheid.

    Александр Кириллов schreef:

  • From: Jason T. Slack-Moehrle

    What do you mean by “cannot get to install”…?
    Up to where does the install process go?
    Any specific error message?


  • Hi John,

    I can get through the install but Zimbra wont start. It says it started, but didn’t I get LDAP errors, Sasl errors, AV and antispam. I worked though them a lot yesterday but I still can not get the mta started and nothing starts listening on 443 either. I have Apache not listening to 443, only
    80. I turned off the firewall, postfix, sendmail, all just to be sure. Both stopping the service and chkconfig so it wont start up again on startup.

    I was really close yesterday but I gave up again. I even tried 7.2.3
    instead of 8.0.3 and that seemed worse. I uninstalled everything and removed all the pieces and figured that I would give it a shot again today.


  • From: Jason T. Slack-Moehrle

    Nothing in the zimbra logs?

    I started with a 6.x.x on CentOS 5, and I upgraded it up to 7.2.0. So it is not the same setup as yours…

  • [snip]

    Try Zarafa plus Z-Push for phone sync. The web mail app is very nice. RPMs are in the Fedora and EPEL repos, the docs are at zarafa.com.

    Regards, Patrick