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For a few days now I’ve had some pretty annoying mouse-related problems on my CentOS setup. I’m not sure if I get “false” mouse events or what it is, but quite frequently I find that the system has somehow got into a state where mouse clicks are not properly received – although I can move the pointer all right, and they keyboard also works just fine. The only way I’ve been able to get back to a sane state, is to switch to a different virtual console via Ctrl+Alt+F-key, then back in a similar manner.

This seemed to start after the last round of automatic updates, which took me to CentOS 6.4, although I suppose this might be coincidence.

Has anyone else seen this kind of behaviour? Any idea at all what’s going on?

– Toralf

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  • Yes, i had this trouble after an upgrade from centos 6.2. The mouse would just get stuck at places for short periods at which time i could do nothing but wait. It had my mouse cursor set to my 16-bit default too. Though, it went back to normal after a couple reboots and unrelated software installs.