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Has the CentOS logo disappeared from CentOS-7?
I thought the logo in CentOS-6 was very pleasant. Also I liked the way in which one increasing circle inside another showed how the boot was progressing. The dots going round and round in Microsoft fashion in CentOS-7
is a retrograde step, I think. One always has the fear it might continue forever.

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  • You are referring to Plymouth splash screen while booting.

    The logo is in other areas of the desktop environment.

    There’s a white spinner/throbber [like Mac OSX] to show the OS is loading. I’ll agree that until the OS is mostly booted that the spinner doesn’t change … but with modern-ish hardware none of that lasts very many seconds. ;-)

    One always has the fear it might continue forever.

    Doesn’t bother me. I expect my systems to be booted more often than not and the boot splash is of less importance.

  • Mike – st257 wrote:

    Probably. The fact remains that booting was attractive, and now it isn’t.

  • I’ll agree that the boot splash change from EL6 to EL7 differs a lot.

    We’re of differing opinion … I see the boot splash “once every blue moon”
    so it doesn’t bother me. It’s certainly more modern looking in EL7, though it does lack the indicator “ring” that shows granular boot progress.

    You can get/create and set different boot splash themes. Maybe it’s possible for you (or potentially someone already created it?) a theme that gives you the “attractiveness” you desire. http://www.tejasbarot.com/2009/01/19/enable-graphical-boot-with-plymouth/

  • The product’s public image is important. Its part of the CentOS
    experience. “Pleasant” items should be retained not indifferently discarded (because some adore Windoze).

  • The CentOS theme looks just like the RHEL theme since there was only a 7
    and not any trademark reasons to change that theme.

    The goal of CentOS is to change the minimum amount of source code possible … so we didn’t change it. We did get the logo working on the login screen with the latest updates.

    If someone *WANTS* to figure out how to change the theme using the git.CentOS.org source code, and if they recommend the changes via patches using the git am format on the CentOS Devel mailing list, we will certainly discuss those possible changes.

    Remember, we have only 3 people doing CentOS Linux distro related things
    .. and of the 3, only 1 (me) is full time maintaining of distro packages. The other 2 are concentrating on Docker/Container/Cloud.

    It isn’t like we have a hundred (or even a dozen) engineers working on CentOS.

  • Apologies. I forgot. CentOS is the same as Red Hat minus the product branding. If a display is crap in Red Hat, then the Red Hat crap will manifest itself in CentOS, minus the Red Hat branding.

    If I wasn’t already swamped with tasks I would offer to help. I
    appreciate all your dedicated hard work.

  • Quite apart from the aesthetics, is there any easy way to turn it off in grub2? I’d far rather see the boot-time messages. It’s not too bad on a standard home machine, I can hit Esc, but headless machines are a different matter.

  • Edit /etc/defaults/grub and remove rhgb quiet from the kernel line there.

    Then run grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

  • Thanks, I’m used to grub, and had forgotten that grub2 doesn’t read the config itself and needs the make config step.

  • Thanks again, there looks to be some useful pointers in there. Duly saved for onward transmission to work.

  • Upon reading it, I see I wrote back with F16, so just made a few quick updates. If it looks different the next time you see it, that’s why. :)