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I’m wondering if it’s normally required to start services with systemd as opposed to sysv? I currently load a few services using the old init.d/service funtionality, which still works fine. Is this ok or is sysv going to be fully discontinued in the future? The service I load is celeryd via init.d but so far finding few pointers as to how to do this with a celery.service file. I can load the service with this line execStart=/etc/init.d/celeryd



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  • I don’t think there’s any plan to remove the sysv init script compatibility from systemd. That should basically continue to work forever, and if it’s working for you, awesome.

    If you _do_ want to convert a script, there’s a nice guide over on Fedora Magazine:

    Why would you want to? You can get some nice functionality like restart-on-crash behavior or resource limiting with cgroups. But, again, if you don’t wanna, you don’t hafta.