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can someone recommend me wireless USB adaptor, which is supported in CentOS 5.7? I found information about various chipsets, but nothing like
“device X is OK”. In most online stores the chipset is not announced.

Thanks in advance.

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  • It is tough to say X device is ok because vendors ignorantly change the chipsets they use and still give devices the same model name/number (and if we’re lucky changing the version number…).

    As Justin top-posted ;)
    RTL8187 works well. As do RT2500-based wireless chips. Even some Zydas chips (zd1211rw – I believe Backtrack had a patched driver for injection) aren’t all that bad (Atheros bought them [0] a while back).

    Buffalo AirStation WirelessG (U2KG54) USB dongles have an RT2500 chip in them.

    [0] http://www.insidechips.com/public/6781.cfm