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Hi, anybody got wml running under CentOS7?
Got problems either compiling it or finding an rpm. TIA for any hint!
Regards Michael

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  • Am 13.09.2014 um 20:36 schrieb Reindl Harald:

    oops sorry, it’s the website meta language … http://thewml.org/ – an offline website generation engine and toolset which in pre-php times provided a nifty way of generating websites with many features like diversion, macro expansion, file inclusion, etc. Regards Michael

    PS: Ooops, sorry, first reply went to you personally

  • Am 13.09.2014 16:21, schrieb Michael Kress:

    Found a solution: installed CentOS5, there I got it running. Not the worst thing, it’s running on a VM, it’s only purpose is to execute wml on a nfs mount from time to time until decommissioned. So thanks for keeping available the old isos!
    Regards Michael