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Hi, On CentOS 6 I noticed very high load after installing and while the md raid 1 array was syncing. I found lots of complaints about performance degradation for md raid with enabled write-intent bitmap. See http://blog.liw.fi/posts/write-intent-bitmaps/ for example. So I
wanted to it off. I let it sync and then removed the bitmap.

Do you know of a way to not enable a write-intent bitmap while installing? I had a look at the Kickstart section in Upstreams Installation guide but found nothing.

My only idea was a %post section stop the sync (hmm, but how, I think I have to consult mdadm(8)
remove the bitmap start the sync again

Maybe there is better way? Some kind of trick?

I realize that I can set a bigger chunk size (but how big?) for the bitmap. But again, how do I do it while installing/kickstarting.