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I have been unable to get X2go to work on a CentOS 7 server. I have tried both the out-of-the-box GNOME desktop and the Xfce as well.

In both cases, the view from the client is that the screen starts to appear, then goes away. On the server, I see the following messages in /var/log/messages (I have erased the user name and replaced it with XXX). The server is running as a virtual machine on a Win7
system (using VMWare), and the “YYY” mentioned below is the Win7
user. “Goat” is the name of the server.

Oct 31 13:10:45 goat systemd: Starting Session 71 of user XXX. Oct 31 13:10:45 goat systemd-logind: New session 71 of user XXX. Oct 31 13:10:45 goat systemd: Started Session 71 of user XXX. Oct 31 13:10:48 goat /usr/bin/x2gostartagent: successfully started X2Go agent session with ID XXX-57-1414786247_stDXFCE_dp32
Oct 31 13:10:52 goat /usr/bin/x2gosetkeyboard: Setting X keyboard according to /home/XXX/.x2go/C-XXX-57-1414786247_stDXFCE_dp32/keyboard Oct 31 13:10:52 goat /usr/bin/x2gomountdirs[8612]: successfully mounted YYY@ to
Oct 31 13:10:52 goat /usr/bin/x2goruncommand: launching session with Xsession-x2go mechanism, using STARTUP=”xfce4-session”
Oct 31 13:10:53 goat /usr/bin/x2goumount-session[8931]: successfully unmounted “/tmp/.x2go-XXX/spool/C-XXX-57-1414786247_stDXFCE_dp32”

As you can see, this particular run was using Xfce.

I would appreciate guidance, and yes, I have read the “manual”, and also at least one “howto” specific to CentOS 7.

The version of the x2go server is

[root@goat log]# rpm -qa | grep x2go x2goserver-
[root@goat log]#

the X2go client on Win7 works just fine with my CentOS6 and Debian servers. I found no way to capture the commentary produced by the X2go client.


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  • It won’t work with Gnome. I believe that is due to the 3d hardware requirement. MATE from EPEL works, or KDE if you have that installed. Haven’t tried Xfce – if it fails, are you sure it would work from the console?

    I haven’t used it that much yet because the windows x2go client has a conflict with ‘synergy’ which I run to share the keyboard/mouse with an adjacent laptop (or sometimes two). So most of the time I’m still using NX with freenx on CentOS6 hosts. But without synergy running it does work with MATE on the host.

  • At 01:37 PM 10/31/2014, you wrote:

    Xfce works from the VMWare console.

    I installed MATE (no errors reported), and the x2go behavior is unchanged. The /var/log/messages file states
    /usr/bin/x2goruncommand: launching session with Xsession-x2go mechanism, using STARTUP=”mate-session”

    so at least ‘mate’ got used, I think.


  • Hmmm, now mine isn’t working either. Maybe an update broke something. I’ll try from home with a mac client later since that’s the last thing I remember using that worked.

  • Looks like something broke between the package and the current x2goserver- I found a box with the older package that still worked, upgraded just x2goserver and now it fails too.

  • At 03:24 PM 10/31/2014, you wrote:

    Phew. I was afraid it was a problem on my end. So many people have been telling me to “read the manual”, or “use this” or “use that”. Thanks for confirming my observation.


  • I just posted a question about it on the x2go list – and got a similar response about needing to use MATE instead of gnome3 – when I already said I was doing that…

  • At 06:07 PM 10/31/2014, you wrote:

    Thanks for that research.

    I’ll wait for the fixed version to migrate to the stable repo; it’s not urgent for me. What’s your guestimate for how long? Weeks? Months?


  • Thank you Les. I don’t have any real CentOS-7 machines yet, but I had also found x2go to not work on a CentOS-7 VirtualBoxVM. Installing the updated version you mention fixed it and it works for me. This is only tested on a VirtualBox machine running openbox as the window manager, but it works for me.

  • It looks like it hasn’t updated yet – but meanwhile you might make the current version work if you also install the x2goserver-xsession package. It isn’t a real dependency but you probably want it anyway and I think it is a bug in the current version that only causes a problem if you don’t have x2goserver-xsession installed.