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I updated to CentOS 6.8. Every thing is working, except Xorg does not startup. When I look at top, it seems that Xorg keeps trying but not succeeding to start. Any idea what the problem might be?

Thanks Shoshana Rosenthal srosenthal@cfa.harvard.edu

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  • I had the same problem going to 6.8. In my case the problem stemmed from the fact that my machine has a MACH64 video card. The updated Xorg has a reference xf86LinearVidMem. I opened bug 1422622 at bugzilla.redhat.com. This was on 2/15/2017. So far the bug is just sitting there.

    My work around was to disable the main repo’s in /etc/yum.repos.d and enable 6.7 in the vault repo. Did a distribution synchronization. Here are the notes from what worked: (may be line wrapping issues in what follows)

    Went back to the x64 version and figured out how to roll back to 6.7:
    mount -t nfs phxbkup2:/iso/CentOS6.7×64 /media/CentOS
    # This one failed with dependency issues yum –disablerepo=\* –enablerepo

  • Rosenthal, Shoshana wrote:

    Was it working before? If so, my first thought would be to tell it init 3, to multiuser mode without X running, and then run startx, and see if it gives you any useful messages. /var/log/Xorg.x.log is extremely difficult to find useful information, unless in the last few lines you find an EE


  • Thanks for responding. I really don’t know why I have the problem my computer is a Dell computer with the standard parts. I am not sure that your fix will work for me. I am using the computer remotely and am still looking for a solution.

    Thanks Shoshana

  • dell has probably made 1000 different computers, maybe more, all ‘with standard parts’, whatever that means.

    The CPU and ‘chipset’, and what video chip its using are all important factors here.

  • I just upgraded to CentOS 6.9 and my problem went away. Xorg now started on my machine with the MACH64 video chip. Hooray for our side.


  • I was also successful with 7 computers, however they run version 6.7. For some reason this one computer upgraded to 6.8 and Xorg does not work. I also changed to 3 different terminals and it did not help.

    I am not giving up yet. Thanks Shoshana

  • Rosenthal, Shoshana wrote:

    I may have missed a response – did you try init 3, then startx, and see what it tells you?