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I am being hit on a number of my systems with yum update reporting 270+
rpms to update, and MOST are coming from the base repo. I checked a few out, and yes, they are of a higher release.

I don’t recall ever seeing the base repo change; it is almost like it is picking up the the 6.4 base repo instead.

Anyone else seeing this. I JUST did an install from my local repo copy of the 6.3 base and update using a netinstall kickstart, then yum tells me that there are 270+ updates…

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  • That’s exactly what it’s doing. The “/6” base and update repository always point to the latest version. 6.4 was released this week so the “/6” is now seeing lots of updates as a result.

    This is not new.

  • Just panicsville. I am trying to pack up to fly to meetings tomorrow, and saw this big update. It has been too long since I was serious with CentOS, and forgot that dot releases are major changes to the life of your server. No way to bite off small bits.

    So I will download the full current repos to my server over the week way, then apply them after I get back.

    Just a case of bad timing on my part, resulting in an unnecessary panic.

    Sorry all.