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Just doing “yum update” on two machines (and only two), both CentOS
5.10, one of them updated something like 22 packages, the other just 4.
Packages which were updated on the first, but didn’t get updated on the second machine include: gcc, httpd, kernel-2.6.18-398.el5, and probably a couple more. Trying the update on the second machine again
(a few times), it always ends, “No Packages marked for Update”.

So now the first has:


while the second has:



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  • Looks like the server you were getting the updates from has an incomplete sync, or is in the process of syncing. Do a ‘yum clean all”, and try again later today.


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  • Quite likely they just hit two different mirrors, one mirror is probably already fully in sync with master, the other is not. As it was already mentioned on this list, with big release (5.11 it is this time) it takes time for all mirrors to synchronize.


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  • That must have been it. I just tried again and the second machine had
    41 packages updated, including those mentioned above. For the record, no other yum commands were required. I just needed to re-run the same old “yum update”.

    Thanks to all for the kind counsel, ken